Akifumi Sako

Last Update 2013.7.23

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Personal History:

Apr 1989- Mar 1993

Study of Physics at Hokkaido University

Apr 1993- Mar 1995

Student of master's degree program
at Hokkaido University

Master's thesis on " Topological symmetry breaking"

Apr 1995- Mar 1998

PhD. student at Hokkaido University

thesis on
" Singularities in Witten type topological field theories"

Apr 1998- Mar 1999

lecturer at Hokkaido Univ.

Apr 1999- Mar 2002

Research Fellow of the Japan Society
for the Promotion of Science at Hiroshima University

Apr 2002- Mar 2003

Resercher at Hiroshima University

Apr 2003- Sep 2003

Visiting Resercher at Keio University

Oct 2003- Mar 2004

Assistant at Keio University

Apr 2004- Mar 2007

Visiting Resercher at Keio University

Apr 2007- Mar 2013

Associate Professor at Kushiro National College of Technology

Apr 2013- now

Associate Professor at Tokyo University

of Science